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Hi I’m Nic and I’m a photographer not writer, so I will keep this short.

Anyone heard of the Bairnsdale Ulcer?

Well, I had one of them which meant I was confined within the walls of my house for months on end.

While I spent these days’ horizontal on a purple couch at my parents’ house, I found copy after copy of my dad’s photography magazines. Bored and frustrated with my flesh-eating ulcer I started to devour them and slowly figure out how to use the many dials and buttons on a camera.

Eventually I could walk, surf and have fun again and naturally this camera started coming with me everywhere. It filled the void the ulcer once occupied.

Now I am fortunate enough to have turned this passion into a career.  

A career that sees me capture; thousands of precious moments on wedding days, waves in the surf and foreign cities. It allows me to work with some inspiring brands and individuals alike.

If any of my work resonates with you, and you would like some more information on wedding packages or photography services please drop me a line here.DROP ME A LINE HERE.

Wedding Photos FAQ

What is my style?

Wedding  are  supposed  to  be  fun  and  stress  free!  I  describe  myself  and  my  photography  style  as  relaxed,  candid,  colourful  and  fun.

How  much  much  is  it  for  you  to  shoot  our  wedding  and  how  do  we  lock  in  the  big  dance?

I  offer  a  number  of  varying  options  to  capture  those  once  in  a  lifetime  moments.  Wedding  photography  starts  from  $1950,  please  shoot  me  an  email  for  all  package  options  and  pricing.    

To  lock-in  the  date  of  your  wedding  day  a  non  refundable  deposit  of  $500  is  to  be  paid.  The  remainder  of  the  balance  can  be  paid  a  minimum  of  2  weeks  before  your  wedding  day.

Do  we  need  to  meet  for  a  chat?

It  really  is  up  to  you  if  you  want  to  meet  and  chat  prior  to  booking.  I’m  more  than  happy  to  meet  and  have  a  chat/  beer/coffee  or  all  3!  I  can  also  send  you  full  wedding  days  for  you  to  look  through-  just  ask.  

I  always  recommend  a  final  chat  (phone  or  in  person)  3-6  weeks  out  from  your  wedding  day  to  discuss  those  finer  details  and  timelines  (every  thing  is  usually  pretty  organised  then!)  Often  a  good  place  for  this  to  happen  at  the  wedding  venue  or  portrait  location.

How  will  we  get  our  images?

Photos  are  meant  to  be  printed  and  not  just  viewed  as  pixels  on  your  computer  screen  that’s  why  all  package  options  come  with  a  series  of  6x4  matte  photo  prints. You  will  receive  a  USB  with  high  resolution  and  internet  sized  images  (JPEGS).  

All  images  will  be  individually  edited  by  me.  I  do  not  supply  RAW  files. All  images  are  watermark  free.  Also  provided  is  an  online  gallery  where  you  can  view,  share  and  download  your  images.

We  are  really  camera  shy.  Does  that  matter?

I  don’t  think  many  people  like  getting  their  photo  taken  but  hopefully  within  a  short  period  of  time  you’ll  forget  I’m  even  there  (or  just  get  used  to  me)!  

I  take  a  photojournalist  approach  and  aim  to  produce  candid  photos  of  your  special  day,  meaning  I’m  more  fly  on  the  wall  than  in  everyone’s  face!  At  times  I  might  give  you  a  little  bit  of  direction  especially  during  the  family,  bridal  party  and  portrait  sessions.

How  long  should  we  leave  for  bridal  party  shots  and  portraits?

Weddings  come  in  many  shapes  and  minimum  is  30  minutes  all  the  way  up  to  90  minutes.  The  less  travel  we  have  to  do  the  better  and  its  always  an  idea  to  have  at  least  a  couple  of  epic  spots  thought  out  beforehand-  so  we  aren’t  searching  on  the  day!

All  you  photographers  are  always  talking  about  light.  When  is  the  best  time  for  photos?

Light  is  everything!!!!!  The  best  light  of  the  day  is  the  hour  leading  up  to  sunset!  I  ask  all  my  couples  to  take  10mins  out  from  the  party  at  this  stage  to  capture  a  few  shots-  but  that  is  up  to  you.

Do  you  travel?

I’ll  go  anywhere  from  Geelong  to  New  York  and  anywhere  in  between-  I  just  want  to  capture  all  the  love!  Weddings  more  than  100km  from  Geelong  do  have  some  additional  costs  (starting  from  $100-  a  tank  of  petrol).  

For  international  and  interstate  travel  above  package  prices  apply  along  with  additional  costs  for  flight  and  accommodation-  get  in  contact  for  a  quote  (Jetstar  is  often  quite  cheap,  I’m  not  precious).

After  the  wedding  when  do  we  get  our  photos?

I  always  send  a  first  look  of  about  25  images  within  24  hours!  From  then,  the  complete  process  usually  takes  a  maximum  of  6  weeks,  however  I  do  try  my  best  tominimise  this  time.  

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